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Looking for results?  Our goal is simple:  to provide solutions that airports require in the areas of marketing, branding, commercial, operations, communications, social media and interim management.

With a solid track record of airport expertise, airport operators, managers, airport related businesses and airport owners can regard us as a reliable partner.

Work experience gained in the aviation/airport industry ensures the most appropriate solution for airport projects - in a regional and in an international context.  This sets the scene for innovative, practical and creative solutions.     Put into practice, they are the key to smooth operations in a thriving airport business.     

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The Experience of Shopping for Tourists

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The main points of experiences as a phenomenon, experiences as products and tourism experiences as well as shopping, purchasing behavior and shopping in tourism are discussed.

Shirley de Silva’s insight:

Tourist shopping segmentation studies indicate that there is a connection in tourist shopping  behavior and travel motivation. In many studies there is clearly a group of people who use shopping as a means of understanding or experiencing the destination culture. Authors Halonen, Lauri; Domin, Aina

March 28th 2014
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