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Looking for results?  Our goal is simple:  to provide solutions that airports require in the areas of marketing, branding, commercial, operations, communications, social media and interim management.

With a solid track record of airport expertise, airport operators, managers, airport related businesses and airport owners can regard us as a reliable partner.

Work experience gained in the aviation/airport industry ensures the most appropriate solution for airport projects - in a regional and in an international context.  This sets the scene for innovative, practical and creative solutions.     Put into practice, they are the key to smooth operations in a thriving airport business.     

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Consuming Food and Beverage at the Airport:

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Authors : Mariella Pinna  Giacomo Del Chiappa 

The present study aims to investigate this somewhat neglected area of marketing research. Specifically, it analyzes a) which are the food and beverage formats (bar, fast food restaurant, restaurant, retail shop and vending machine) that consumers use the most when being in airport area,

Shirley de Silva’s insight:

When the reason of travelling and the nationality of respondents were considered, the present study showed some significant differences in the way they consume food & beverage in airport areas. 

Authors : Mariella Pinna  Giacomo Del Chiappa

April 11th 2014
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